How To Send Money Online To Philippines from Anywhere In the World

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Are you an online professional in the Philippines? Do you want to accept payment from other countries? Or are you a client who needs to send money for freelancing job?

If you have PayPal, it’s simple for you. However, receiving payment from other countries is often a challenge because of the high transaction fees. But I need to receive funds from the US in the Philippines with the lowest exchange rate possible.

I did some research to see alternative options. And after going through the possibilities, receiving the money through Payoneer turned out to be the easiest solution.

Payoneer is a service that lets you send or receive payment from foreign countries & is widely popular. 

What is Payoneer & how it works?


If you’re not familiar with Payoneer yet, it is one of the world’s leading money transfer and global payment systems. 

With Payoneer, you will get a local account for local and international transactions.

Several large reputable companies can remit money through Payoneer, including Amazon, Upwork, stock photos, 99designs, Airbnb, Fiverr, GettyImages, and 2,000+ other businesses. 

You can also send payments to anyone (even if they don’t have a Payoneer account) and use the card to purchase things online.

Note: Payoneer card is available for Filipino users. However, your received money will be directly credited into your bank account.

Receiving Freelancing payment in the Philippines

So here is the case:

I’m in the Philippines & I need to receive payment from ShareASale, a US affiliate network. The client can make payment without a Payoneer account. They can make payments directly using their credit card or debit cards.

Similarly, if you are a Filipino & have outsourced work from abroad & need to pay the freelancer, you can ask him/her to follow the steps mentioned below to get paid by you.

Payoneer can be used in over 200 countries, including the Philippines. Your local bank account can be BPIBDO or Metrobank, or whatever local bank account you hold.

Are you with me so far? Let’s see how to create a payment request.

How to send money to the Philippines online

VIDEO] How to request a payment from your Payoneer account - Payoneer Blog
  1. First, log in to your Payoneer account, then navigate to Receive Request a Payment from the menu. You’ll see Payment Details and Payer Details.
  2. Provide the payment information. In the Amount field, put the amount and select the currency. The minimum amount is $20 and the maximum is $2,000 for US dollars and Euro payments.
  3. State the reason you are receiving the payment. 
  4. In the Description field, write a short note about the amount.
  5. Click the ‘Send’ button to send the request.

In the payer details section, you have to provide information about the payer. This will open a new field titled ‘Request Payment From’. In that field, you will have two options – Individual and Company.

payoneer payer details

Select the option which is appropriate for you. If you plan to receive payments from that individual/company in the future, you can save the details for future payments.

Making payment from Client end

Once a freelancer is done sending the money request, you’ll get an email. 

VIDEO] How to request a payment from your Payoneer account - Payoneer Blog

You have to click on Pay Now to make the payment. The first step is to check the order status & decide who would pay the transaction fees. Once this is done, you need to click on continue & add the payment method.

Payment method

You could make payments using a debit and credit card. This is great news for Filipino users who outsource work from abroad & don’t have a credit card to pay.

Once you click on Submit, the transaction will be verified by Payoneer & amount will be paid within an hour. You will get an email confirmation when it’s done & your bank statement would show payment to “”.

Payoneer Pros and Cons


Request payment From US and Europe companies

Having a US, UK, and EU bank account makes things so much simpler. You can also open Mexican Pesos, Canadian Dollars account. 

Lowest exchange rates

Payoneer takes advantage of preferential exchange rates so you can earn more. They have the lowest fees of all money remittance platforms in the Philippines. You could save a total of 1% of all sending and receiving fees and exchange rates inclusive.

Free Card

In the Philippines, a lot of people don’t have credit cards. Banks might not issue an online freelancer or entrepreneur since they have can’t present any proof of steady income. If you want to start your businesses and reserve your domains, you MUST have a credit card.

But if you’re a Payoneer use, you’re entitled to get a free physical card to use for local and international transactions.

Decide when to Exchange to local currency

Not only does it have the lowest exchange rates, but you can also choose when to convert the foreign currency. For example, you can wait until US dollar rates are highest before converting it into Philippine pesos in your bank account.

No late or lost payments

Payoneer means no delayed payments since it uses EFT or an Electronic Fund Transfer system rather than a direct international transfer.

Link Funding Sources

You can now also link up your funding sources to Payoneer, for example, ShareASale (if you’re an affiliate marketer) or your Amazon seller account, so you don’t have to worry about transferring the money. This way, you can keep track of your income more easily.

No Messy Conversions

Each amount transferred into your local currency (e.g., transferring from a US bank account to your local PHP account) will reflect the exchange rate on your Payoneer account so no messy conversions anymore.

This is a blessing for those who have a strict accounting of their income for personal or tax purposes.


Long Approval Process 

Signing up for a Payoneer account is straightforward, the approval process is a long one. Some people wait for more than two weeks. 

Note: Prepare your driver’s license, passport, or another government ID when you sign up for faster process.

After having horrendous Paypal issues for yearsI’d rather stick with Payoneer’s long approval process at the beginning than be slapped later on with an account limitation or freeze like what happens to a gazillion other PayPal users.

Extra Step Before Getting Your Money

The drawback is you have to transfer it to your local bank first. Well, you can schedule to pay yourself every month or every week or whenever it seems appropriate.

No Chinese Account

You can’t get a Chinese RMB account without a Chinese national ID card. Hassle for those who transact business with people from Mainland China and want to receive money in RMB/Chinese Yuan.

Payoneer Vs. PayPal

PayPal is such as hassle since I had trouble with passwords. Another thing with PayPal is if ever you get over a certain amount or their algorithm notices some “suspicious activities” (e.g., forgetting your password), they will ask you to submit a bunch of requirements. This can’t be a good thing if your accounts are in your parents’ or landlord’s name.

Their app and website have awful bugs, and their customer service is horrendous. For example, if you live in the Philippines, you cannot call PayPal customer support using Skype

If your PayPal account gets locked or frozen, you will not be able to resolve it by email. You have to call them, and their only customer service is a local US number. Meaning you will most likely spend a few hundred dollars trying to call them.

Another thing to think about:

eBay is the mother company of PayPal is a dying company. Amazon is the mother company of Payoneer. It is one of the companies that is growing like crazy and has good business sense. It’s quite obvious it will continue to be the dominant company in the world of e-Commerce for years to come. Any person who thinks long-term should go with Payoneer over PayPal. 

Final Verdict

Once you’ve signed up to Payoneer, the only drawback is that the money doesn’t go directly into your account. But this temporary inconvenience is offset by all the advantages that come with getting a Payoneer account. 

I recommend online freelancers and entrepreneurs to get a Payoneer.

Overall, Payoneer service would take care of one of the major pain points of Filipino freelancers when getting paid from foreign countries.

Users can also download Payoneer iOS or Android app for free.

Apply for a free Payoneer account ($25 free signup bonus)

How are you using the Payoneer service in your country? How are you getting paid for your client’s work? Are you using any other services too? Comment below.


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