GInvest Review 2022: Is It Any Good? [Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide]

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Table of Contents

What is GInvest?

GInvest is the Philippines’ first-ever digital investment platform that lets Filipinos invest and grow their money through their phones.

This GCASH feature seeks to end the difficulties commonly associated with investing, removing barriers preventing ordinary Filipinos from exploring ways to grow their wealth beyond just storing it in a deposit savings account.

If you don’t have GCASH yet, visit this link to open an account and enjoy Php70 worth of freebies.

GInvest vs GSave

GSave is a high-interest savings account; it is the safer option as it gives a fixed monthly interest, while Ginvest offers UITF that can deliver higher returns but comes with a level of risk. Both features are helpful financial tools to make money earn interest.  

How does GInvest work?

GInvest grants access to the best-performing assets managed by ATRAM Trust Corporation, one of the leading independent asset management companies in the Philippines, as well as SeedBox, a firm that has pioneered digital investing in the country.


GInvest Fund Details

A GCash user may opt to invest in five different types of funds:

A GCash user may go for these types of funds:

  1. Money Market Funds, which are the more traditional way of investing, like time deposits. 
  2. Philippine Total Return Bond Fund lets users invest in bonds in local companies and government. 
  3. Philippine Smart Equity Index Fund lets users invest in local companies through the PSEi index, like Jollibee, BDO, and Ayala. 
  4. Global Technology Feeder Fund lets users invest in tech trailblazers like Google, Apple, and Samsung 
  5. Global Consumer Trends Fund lets users invest in innovative companies like Shopee, Nintendo, or Alibaba).

Where should I invest in GInvest? (Investment vehicles)

Answering where, how much, and how long will allow you to make better investment decisions.

There are five investment products inside Ginvest mentioned above. But before you select any of them, you have to assess your risk tolerance first: Are you conservative or aggressive?

If you’re unsure, don’t worry. Ginvest will ask for a risk profile test to assess whether you prefer low-risk, low-return investments or high-risk, high-return. It is required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). 

Once you know your risk profile, it will be faster to choose a suitable investment product. 

For conservative to moderate investors, go for either a Money Market Fund or a Bond Fund. If you are an aggressive investor, choose the Feeder Fund or the Index Fund.

How much should You invest?

The most enticing part of GInvest is that Filipinos can begin investing for as little as PHP50 for local funds and PHP1,000 for international funds)

How To Buy GInvest Funds

Step 1. On the GCash Menu or Dashboard, click on Invest Money

Step 2. Click on View Investment Products.


Step 3. Select your desired Investment Product then click view details


Step 4. Tap on “Buy”


Step 5. Enter your desired amount and click next


Step 6. Agree to the Terms and Service then tap “Confirm”


Step 7. You will proceed to the confirmation page.

How Do You Earn in GInvest?

A Ginvest investor earns money through Capital Gains. Meaning, buying shares (or units) low and selling them high via the GCash App.

Your money is not with Ginvest per se; it is with ATRAM. 

ginvest atram

GInvest is the platform where you can send and track your money in ATRAM. ATRAM manages your investments.

What will ATRAM do with your money?

It depends on what investment product you choose. But in a general sense, ATRAM will either lend or buy ownership (equity) from companies.

ginvest process


Lending in finance is the process of borrowing money from someone else. (Government and corporations). Institutional investors can lend out their securities to borrowers for a certain period, called loan periods, and receive interest upon return.

Lending investment products available in Ginvest:

  • ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund
  • ATRAM Total Return Bond Fund

In a manner, when we buy shares from these funds, we become LENDERS who make money from the BORROWERS.

Ownership (Equity)

In financial terms, ‘ownership’ refers to the percentage of a company that belongs to an individual or another entity.

As shareholders, we earn a percentage of the income when the company performs. But at the same time, they suffer losses when they falter. Equity is a high-risk, high-return investment option.

Example of equity investment products in Ginvest:

  • ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund
  • ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund
  • ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feeder Fund

These investments allow us to become part-owners of top companies in the Philippines and abroad.

But please take note, our earnings with ATRAM will remain on paper until we sell our shares. As mentioned above, an investor-only makes actual money when he sells at a higher price.

GInvest’s Investment Products

ginvest products


“The objective of the Fund is to maximize income and achieve higher returns compared to regular bank deposits while preserving capital by investing in a portfolio of very liquid, fixed income instruments and maintaining an average portfolio duration of 1 year or less.

  • Fund Risk Rating: Conservative
  • Min. Initial Investment: Php 50.00
  • Min. Additional Investment: Php 50.00

Fund composition

(Where ATRAM allocates the money for this fund)

Government securities92.59%
Corporate Bonds0.74%
Money Market5.18%
Cash & Equivalents1.49%


Screenshot 2021 08 19 4.03.58 PM

Get the latest information about this fund here: ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund.


“The objective of the fund is to maximize total return of a fixed-income portfolio, that is, to achieve capital gains while maintaining a level of current income consistent with the maintenance of principal and meeting of liquidity requirements.”

  • Fund Risk Rating: Moderate
  • Min. Initial Investment: Php 50.00
  • Min. Additional Investment: Php 50.00

Fund composition

Government Securities88.44%
Corporate Bonds9.22%
Cash & Equivalents2.34%


Screenshot 2021 08 19 5.01.25 PM

Get the latest information about this fund here: ATRAM Total Return Bond fund.


“The Fund is designed to generate excess returns compared to its benchmark through an enhanced index approach, combining the elements of passive and active management.”

  • Fund Risk Rating: Aggressive
  • Min. Initial Investment: Php 50.00
  • Min. Additional Investment: Php 50.00

Fund composition


Top Holdings

 These are companies where ATRAM buys equity from.

SM Investments Corp.15.9%
SM Prime Holdings Inc.10.1%
Ayala Land Inc.8.3%
Ayala Corp.6.6%
BDO Unibank Inc.6.2%
Bank of the Philippine Islands5.5%
JG Summit Holdings Inc.5%
International Container Terminal Services, Inc.4.4%
Universal Robina Corp.4.3%
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.4.1%


Screenshot 2021 08 19 5.12.51 PM

Get the latest information about this fund here: ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund.


“The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing all or substantially all of its assets in a collective investment scheme that invests principally in equity securities of companies throughout the world that derive or benefit significantly from technological advances and improvements.”

  • Fund Risk Rating: Aggressive
  • Min. Initial Investment: Php 1,000.00
  • Min. Additional Investment: Php 1,000.00

Top Ten Holdings



Screenshot 2021 08 19 5.43.34 PM

Get the latest information about this fund here: ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund.


The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital growth by investing all or substantially all of its assets in a collective investment scheme that invests in companies that cater to the discretionary needs of consumers.”

  • Fund Risk Rating: Aggressive
  • Min. Initial Investment: Php 1,000.00
  • Min. Additional Investment: Php 1,000.00

Top Ten Holdings

CD Projekt3.8%
Norwegian Cruise Line3.3%
Activision Blizzard3.1%
Facebook ‘A’2.7%
Electronic Arts2.7%


Screenshot 2021 08 19 6.21.00 PM

Get the latest information about this fund here: ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feeder Fund.

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How do you find the information above? I hope it gave you good insights on which investment product is right for you.

If it was me, where would I invest?

If I were a conservative investor who is starting today, I would go for the Money Market Fund. If I were the aggressive type, I would go for the Index Fund.

How to Sell in GInvest?

It is ideal to sell the shares once your investment goal is achieved. It is also safe to exit and move to a better investment vehicle. 

Follow these steps to withdraw your funds in GInvest:

Step 1. On the GInvest Dashboard, click on view investment products.


Step 2. Select the fund that you have an investment in by tapping view details


Step 3. Tap on “Sell”


Step 4. Enter the amount you want to sell then tap “Next”


Step 5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions then tap Confirm             


Step 6. You will proceed to the confirmation page

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How long should I invest? (Investment horizon)

There is no ‘correct’ time period. The general rule is: the longer you stay invested, the more returns you make.

When you invest your money, it is ideal to leave the money in the market for a “long” period of time. This is because if you take it out too soon before an investment has had time to mature and grow, you will lose opportunities for higher returns on your initial investment.

If this happens, you could end up with less money than when you started.

Can You Lose Money in GInvest?

The value of stocks and investments goes up and down every day. For example, if someone bought a stock for $20 per share one day, the next day it could be worth less than they paid for it (or even nothing at all). To minimize risk, an investor should do his or her homework and examine the funds thoroughly before making any decisions.

Patience is the key if we want to earn money (or prevent losses) in investing. But it is also crucial to get familiar with the factors that contribute to our success:

  • Investment vehicles — where we put our money as investments.
  • Investment capital — the amount of money we are willing to invest.
  • Investment horizon — the amount of time our money stays inside an investment vehicle.

GInvest Review

I appreciate how Ginvest made investing affordable with a P50 minimum investment. This is a great help for new Filipino investors to build their investing muscle. I believe that more people will be encouraged to invest.

Although the Peso Money Market Fund is not the best option for me, I make it a practice to deposit at least P1,000 into the other fund every month.

If you don’t have GCASH yet, visit this link to open an account and enjoy Php70 worth of freebies.

Kung foreign stock naman ang gusto mo gaya ng Disney, Netflix, Apple, Google ay mag-register lamang sa eToro or Gotrade.


GInvest Fees

There are no transaction fees when investing with Ginvest. But their investment partner, ATRAM, deducts an annual management fee from the fund.

How do I redeem money on GInvest?

To redeem your money on GInvest, you need to click “View Investment Products” from the fund page. Then choose the fund you want to sell and enter the amount. Click “Next” after which a confirmation page appears. When you click on the “I agree” button, a pop-up with the redemption disclaimer document appears.

Why My GInvest Sell Order Not Received?

Once you subscribe or redeem, these aren’t instant transactions. Sometimes it takes a few days to subscribe and to redeem your funds.


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