How To Transfer from GCASH to ING

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With Gcash, anything is possible, including transferring funds to and from bank accounts. One of the digital banks that is becoming more popular is ING Bank.

ING is a global bank with Dutch roots serving over 39 million customers around the globe. They’re also the first all-digital bank in the Philippines, growing since 1990. Opening an account is as easy as getting one from Gcash.

By downloading the ING app, you can have your own digital bank account. All you need to do is wait for the bank’s approval to enjoy all the benefits that ING Bank has to offer.

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Gcash to ING Transfer

Transferring from Gcash to Ing Bank is as simple as ABC. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Gcash app and click BANK TRANSFER on the Dashboard.

Step 2. Under Bank Transfer, click “View all” on the lower right.

Screenshot 20211124 160529 com.globe .gcash .android

Step 3. Search for Ing Bank N.V.

gcash to ing

Step 4. Enter the details of the recipient’s ING Bank account including

  • Account Name
  • Account Number (12-digits)
  • Send receipt to (optional)
Screenshot 20211124 160555 com.globe .gcash .android


Step 5. Once done, wait for the confirmation message via email (if you entered your address) and text message confirming that the amount has been transferred successfully.

Step 6. You can also check your Gcash balance and the recipient’s ING bank balance to confirm that the amount has been transferred.

Gcash to ING fee

Like other bank transfers, there is a corresponding transfer fee from Gcash to ING Bank. A PHP 15.00 fee will be charged per transaction which will be automatically charged to your available Gcash balance.

ING to Gcash

  1. Log in to your Ing Account and click on the PAY account.
  2. Hit the TRANSFER/PAY button.
  4. Enter all the details asked. Account Name, then NEXT
  5. Click BANK, search for GCASH.
  6. Enter the GCASH ACCOUNT NUMBER. The account number is the Gcash mobile number.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. If the transfer channel is InstaPay, you can transfer as much as Php 50,000 per transfer. Under purpose, you can type Payment or put anything you wish. Click TRANSFER.
  9. You will be routed to the next page confirming that the transfer is complete.

Ing to Gcash transfer fee

Currently, there is no transfer fee for transferring cash from Ing Bank to Gcash.


Where can I see my ING Bank account number?

The 12-digit ING account number can be seen on the dashboard of the ING app.

How can I check my existing balance on both ING Bank and Gcash?

To access your outstanding balance, you need to log in on both apps. For Gcash, you can automatically see the balance on the Dashboard. For ING, you need to check the Dashboard and drag the panel (under the Deposit and Transfer button) upward. You will see your existing balance at the top right corner of the screen.

How long does it take to transfer the funds from Gcash to ING and vice versa?

For both instances, the transfer will happen immediately.


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