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We all know that it’s important to get a physical check-up with a doctor once a year,

Yet many people never think to have a financial planner give their investment portfolio a “check-up"

Well, here’s your chance to do just that.

financial freedom

One-on-one consulting with no obligation or sales pitch

Even if you already have a financial planner, why not use this FREE FINANCIAL CONSULTATION to get a second opinion?

Wouldn’t it be worth it if we could help you improve your financial situation?

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Topics to explore with your planner

You don’t need big-time finances
to get big-time advice.

Reaching your goals

Get a clear picture of your current financial landscape and the strategies you can use to reach your financial goals.

Build your budget

Learn tactics for keeping good spending habits.

Invest smartly

Plan an investment strategy that takes into consideration your goals and risk tolerance.

Protect what’s important

Start preparing for unexpected circumstances or disability with comprehensive insurance.

Borrow the right way

Explore ways to leverage debt positively by balancing repayment and saving for long-term goals.

Save for the future

Understand what it takes to build an emergency fund—while also saving for the future.

Business ownership

Planning for the creation of or alterations to your business.

Professional network

Referrals to reputable professionals, such as estate planners and CPA’s, when appropriate.

Only The Best Planners

Here at ProfitTakeoff, we handpick only the best qualified, expert, and friendly planners for you.

From paying down debt to buying a home, our financial planners can help you clarify your financial picture as you prepare for whatever’s next.

Skilled and experienced

Our team of full-time planners and advisors have worked with thousands of clients and bring years of expertise to every conversation.

An objective viewpoint

As professionals, we’re required to keep your best interests in mind—no upselling, no quotas, no ulterior motives.

Ready for anything

You can come to us with any financial issue, large or small—it doesn’t need to be a great challenge to be worthy of a conversation.

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We offer consultation nationwide

How It Works

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Whether you’re just entering the workforce or preparing for retirement, our financial planners can advise you based on your unique needs—at no cost.

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The first call with a advisor will be relatively high-level, so just be prepared to talk about your personal financial picture and goals. Depending on your priorities, you may want to know your  monthly pay, monthly spending, investment account balances, loan balances, and current savings strategies.

Unfortunately not. Our team of financial advisors is dispersed across the several offices and we leverage virtual meetings to provide this experience to as many members as possible.

Nope. Our financial advisors will not sell your products; they only make recommendations with your best interests in mind.

Definitely not! We’re all humans, and humans make both wise and questionable decisions related to their own finances. Talking about money can be pretty stressful, so relax and know that the advisor on the other side of the conversation is there to help.

You should have received an appointment invitation after scheduling your call. Simply reply to that email and indicate that you’d like to change your appointment. Let them know when you are available and they will send out a new invitation.

You can use this link to schedule another call with a planner.

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