Affiliate Marketing Philippines: Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners (2021)

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Table of Contents

Want to start affiliate marketing, but not sure where to start? 

Good thing you’re reading this; I know you want to jumpstart your affiliate marketing journey. I’m excited to share with you how it works.

In this post, I’ll show you how affiliate marketing works, tools you can use, whether you’re a good fit for it, and how it can do wonders for you and your business.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s or company’s products and making an income. You find a product you like, promote it, and earn a commission. It’s like getting a reward for sending a new customer to the company, but you don’t work for the company.

Regardless of your niche, affiliate marketing can help you make a commission.

The truth is, affiliate marketing is everywhere. You’ve probably been involved in one without realizing it.

If you read blogs and clicked on a link being given, there’s a good chance that the owner of a website where you originally clicked got a commission from your purchase.

To clarify, Affiliate marketing is NOT MLM. Affiliates won’t ask you, “Open-minded ka ba?” (Are you open-minded?)

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Let’s say you recently visited a restaurant, and you liked the food and the ambiance. When a friend asks you a good restaurant to go to, you instantly told him/her that place. Affiliate marketing works like that.

You are referring customers to another’s product, but it is still your business. So if you have a couple of friends or followers, you’ll make money quickly.

how affiliate marketing works

2 Ways To Be Involved In Affiliate Marketing


Product Owner 

Often referred to as ‘advertisers’. Companies may call programs different names such as ‘partner programs’ or ‘referral programs’

Affiliate Marketer

Often referred to as ‘publishers’. In this post, we’ll focus on this part.

affiliate marketing poster

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need to spend the time to create your own products.

Because those products likely already exist. Just promote it. This makes affiliate marketing a good business model.

You have access to the audience.

Companies usually don’t talk directly to their customers except when they encounter a complaint. When your audience trusts you and believes you have their best interests at heart, they will follow your recommendations.

You can earn trust

There are two types of audiences/traffic: cold and warm. Warm traffic knows you, is aware they have a problem, and believes your solution may solve their problem. You have to earn trust from your audience first and only recommend affiliate products that you’ve used yourself.

A different income stream.

Earn while sleeping.

Creates valuable partnerships.

Affiliate marketing broadens your connections. You’re able to reach out to industry leaders and build relationships with influencers and visitors.

It’s scalable.


Limited start-up costs.

Starting an affiliate program requires some investment of time and finance. Still, it is minimal compared to buying advertising and employing a team of staff or funding expenses to launch a business.

Customer service is handled by the company, not you.


It can work for ALL stages of business.

Even when you’re in the infancy, adolescence, or mature stage of your business, you can start with affiliate marketing.

You can get started now!

There are several other reasons to consider affiliate marketing, whether you are a beginner with a limited budget or a well-established brand looking for ways of exposing your brand to more people. Affiliate marketing provides the same opportunities for all.


How to Start in Affiliate Marketing

Create a blog or a website.

You must be able to post your content somewhere. Click this link to see my guide on how to start a blog.

Pick Your Niche

Research the products that are part of your niche and see which ones you want to review. Ask yourself, “Am I comfortable promoting these products? “Would the majority of my readers be interested in buying this product?”

Join affiliate marketing programs

Join affiliate programs and start creating your content.

Optimize your site

Use SEO to make it easier to find on the internet. Keep an eye on the Google ranking as you post content.

*If you need a domain name and hosting, I strongly recommend using the same hosting company I do which is DreamHost – Get their latest deal at


Top Affiliate Marketing Programs


Amazon Associates 

Amazon is a highly visited, well-known name that people use and trust every day. Every niche is available on Amazon, which is why it’s such a good starting point for an Affiliate Marketing venture.

Involve Asia 

 The company started in 2014 in South East Asia and operates an e-commerce focused affiliate marketing platform. Involve manages affiliate programs for hundreds of regional and global e-tailers and brands like Shopee and Lazada.

Check out this guide: Everything You Need to Know About Involve Asia (Shopee & Lazada Affiliate Guide)

Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate

 The company has been in the Affiliate Marketing industry since 1998. With products in every niche, you’d be hard-pressed to find fault with them.


Shareasale has been in business for two decades and they’ve definitely kept up with the times.

The company is reputable and they feature a marketplace full of merchants catering to almost everything you can think of.

shareasale bloglikeapro


Awin is a part of ShareASale

Now, all that’s left for you to do is pick a few you like. Do your research. Sign up, pick some products, and then earn yourself a nice referral revenue.

The Ultimate Secret in Affiliate Marketing: Treat these products that aren't yours LIKE THEY ARE YOURS.

How Can I Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

Here are few paid options that would certainly help affiliates to promote an affiliate program and earn incredible commissions:

Banner Ad: 21+ Examples That Drive Clicks & Sales in 2020

Banner / Text Link Ads

 You may get banner or text link ads from your advertisers. Often, banners, text links, coupons, or even descriptions are already provided by the companies. You have to get the code and paste it on your website.

Social Media Ads

You can pay platforms like Facebook and Instagram to create ads. For example, we can see ads on the right sidebar of our homepage. If we click those, we are redirected to a particular website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) 

This is probably one of the best methods to earn. You may consider Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, etc. You should select the keywords carefully and also include a few long-tail keywords. You can define a daily budget for this program.

What Is PPC? Learn the Basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing [PPC U]

Other options would be stickers having your logo on a car or bike. Or business cards having your website URL. These techniques are effective if executed properly. The fact is that if you want to really earn a good commission, you must do everything to promote the affiliate business.

How to Get Paid in Affiliate Marketing?

Create a Payoneer and Wise multi-currency account. (no fees for setting them up)

Receive money with international bank details, and track your transactions with notifications on your phone. You can connect both Payoneer and Wise to GCASH for faster withdrawals.

Pro Tip: When you apply for a program, they’ll ask for your tax information. Fill out the form W-8BEN for non-US residents.

How to Promote Affiliate Links


You can create evergreen posts that will captivate readers. It can be a review, comparison, tutorials, etc.

Webmaster Forums/Blogs

You don’t need to be a technical expert to promote your affiliate campaign. You just need to have the basic knowledge of your niche. You can check sites like Reddit or Quora.

Article Submissions

 When you’ve already established your blog, you can reach out to other bigger blogs and ask them if you can “guest post.” You may include your info as an author and your website URL. Once approved, your website gets a backlink, and they get free content. Quality backlinks help in driving traffic from search engines to your own website.

Social Networking Sites

Build a strong profile on websites like Facebook, Twitter. Join communities/groups which cater to the same niche as yours. Don’t just promote your links. Add value to them. Participate through comments and share their posts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best methods of driving potential visitors to your website. You must create original, fresh, and valuable content. Do it consistently. You can use a plugin like Yoast to optimize your website.

Email Marketing

I would suggest adding an opt-in mailing list to your website. This will allow visitors who come to your website to choose to receive a free newsletter. If they subscribe to the newsletter, then you can easily promote the products and offers. GetResponse and ConvertKit are excellent for beginners. 

Voucher Codes / Discount Coupon Codes

People want free items. Try to find out if there is any special offer going on in your advertisers.

Affiliate Marketing Mindsets You Must Embrace

I’ll be the first to admit, this affiliate marketing stuff can be very overwhelming and HARD to understand. That’s why I created these mindsets to help you.

  • You have to work your butt off and put in the hard work. Work smarter and actually get out there find visitors that are interested in the products you’re promoting
  • Know where you’re getting into. Treat it like a mission. When you’re just starting out as an affiliate you’re going to have so many struggles. There’s so much to learn! You have to figure out everything. That’s where many newbie marketers give up.


Don't focus on achieving financial freedom and trying to become successful that you’ll forget the important things. Always try to make time with your loved ones and take care of your health.

So, you need to research niches, products and see what’s profitable. Thankfully, there are many tools to help you in search engine optimization, WordPress design, content writing, and the list goes on. Please stick with me; I’ll tell that to you in a while.

Best FREE Tools For Affiliate Marketers


Grammarly is the best plagiarism checker & proofreader

Title Capitalization Tool

Automatically capitalize & convert the case of text to Title Case (in AP, APA, Chicago, MLA), the sentence case.


Design pretty images and social media posts.

Creative Fabrica

Huge icon and graphic templates directory

MonsterInsights Headline Analyzer 

This headline analyzer evaluates your headline, email subject, or ad title on a scale from 1-100 for the following categories readability, SEO, and sentiment (emotion). It’s integrated with the MonsterInsights plugin

Bonus: 5 Best Books On Starting with Affiliate Marketing

Dotcom Secrets

Explains the science of sales funnels and how you can use them to build and grow your business online.

Experts Secrets

Focused on the art of building a personal brand and how you can use it to build raving fans and loyal customers.

ES 1080x1080 a 2

Traffic Secrets

Focuses on the most critical traffic of the 21st century: social media traffic.

TrafficSecrets A 1080x1080 1

ir?t=greatreads06 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1591846447ir?t=greatreads06 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1591846447

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

A timeless classic for everybody who wants to learn how to 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=0060891548

Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive by Dorie Clark

This book will be your hands-on guide to building a portfolio of revenue streams, both traditional and online, so that you can liberate yourself financially and shape your own career 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1633692272

Final Words

Hopefully, this has given you a taster of Affiliate Marketing. This is just a part of the puzzle. Many people don’t understand the beauty of affiliate marketing. I believe that it is an “untapped” online money-making machine.

Affiliate Marketing is a discipline that requires a wide set of skills. Having the right tools is just one click from your computer; you can watch Youtube videos, enroll in courses, and read many books. If you do this smart and with consistency, you can bring amazing returns.

Remember, the most important factor is what your audience is going to like.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this post helpful and valuable. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social networks. 


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